Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Always Admired, Never Desired.

This is something that has been bothering me for quite some time now. This doesn't just happen to me, it just happens to be on my mind at the moment.

Ive always been the guy that you could come to for comfort. For guidance. For advice. I'm the guy that, "would be a perfect boyfriend, but I don't see you that way." To my friends... Trust me, I like it that way. I appreciate that you care about me that way and you think so highly of me, and I love you guys, and I understand what you mean.

What gets me, is when I put all kinds of time and effort into someone, just to have them turn around and go for some guy with a 6 pack who uses them for money/sex/transportation/etc. and then leaves them heartbroken. So what your saying is, you want someone who is funny, caring, compassionate, strong, motivated, loyal, and built like a Greek god? That guy is so rare, id go gay for him. Its THAT unlikely your going to find him.

Ive always had the mind set that finding someone to love is NOT about finding all the good qualities that you want. Its about finding someone with SHITTY qualities that you can live with. One of my exes was an amazing woman.

PROS - Amazing body, good heart, good family.
CONS - She was spoiled rotten and didn't want to work so I had to take care of her and she had JACKED up teeth.

I can deal with stuff like that. That's no big deal. I balanced the good with the bad and lived with it.

To all my friends that I have talked to recently that are going through similar times, I want you to know, its not going to last forever. Someone will come along that will blow you away. Their understanding nature and compassion will take you to a place in your heart and in your mind that you didn't think you would achieve. All I ask is that you tough it out with me until you get there. I promise you it will come though.

The only real advice I can give on something like this... Perfection is NOT found. Its created in the eye of the person searching for it and granted to someone worthy of the title.