Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fuck you and everything you stand for...

I'm pretty sure that the next hate ad for politicians will be something along the lines of the above title for this post.  I did my love rant yesterday and i felt that i needed to give the elections their just due time in the spotlight.  First off, if your a politician, or you plan on becoming one, i wish to say wholeheartedly, fuck you and everything you stand for.  Did your mother tell you that you could be president of the USA if you wanted to be?  Fuck you for trying to go that route.  And fuck her for encouraging you.  If your REALLY right wing, i hate you.  If your REALLY left wing, i wish you and that right wing guy would falcon punch each other right in the baby makers and save me the time.  If your liberal or any of that other crap that doesn't fall into the aforementioned categories, go get dipped in acid for trying to be one of a kind and unique when in all actuality, your a bigger idiot then the rest.

Now that my hate mongering is over (for now) ill speak to everyone else who like me, doesn't give 2 shits.  You people who find this more amusing then offensive.  Oh yeah speaking of that, if you find this offensive, i hate you more the right wing guy i talked about earlier.  And i REALLY hate that guy...  OK back to the point.  For everyone who laughs at this because they don't care, did you vote?  Not for the people, to hell with the people.  The issues.  The only REAL thing worth voting for.  If you didn't vote and you claim a political party, i hope you die.  How do you HONESTLY claim to be a part of something you don't actively participate in?  I personally hate politics if you couldn't tell.  I cant stand politicians.  No matter who or what you vote for, every single one of them goes into office with their own personal agendas.  The only people they keep their promises too are the rich people the helped them get into office.  For this reason, i don't vote for people.  Having said that, i vote for THINGS.

New laws and the like.  The only way to rebel against a politician in power is to not let any law they endorse make it through.  Almost every tax EVER has passed in front of voter's noses.  If you don't vote on those things you have no right to complain later.  Let me take California for example.  The infamous PROPOSITION 19.   (Its a brighter green to emphasize the pot reference).  This is the controversial bill that, if passed, would legalize recreational marijuana.  If you live in California, smoke pot illegally, and did NOT vote yes on Prop. 19 then i vote that we roll you douche bags up in paper towels and light you stoner dip shits on fire.  its people like you that make this system not work.  If you honestly don't smoke and don't want the law to be passed and you voted no, then i applaud the fact that you have acted on your beliefs.  I have read many places that it is believed proposition 19 did not pass because millions (yeah... fucking millions) who would have voted YES didn't even show up to the polls to vote.

So, after 24+ hours of election coverage, this political season is finally over.  Tons of people are pissed, tons of people are happy, and tons more are smoking happy little trees not giving a shit because between yesterday and today, nothing has changed.  Nothing.  "We have a new TAX!!!" Shut up, you pay 15 cents more for that candy bar your going to shove in your fat mouth. Quit drooling and look at it as a way to reduce childhood obesity.  "Our new senator is pro life!!!"  Yeah but the other ones aren't gonna come within one million miles of any law regarding abortion so your safe to keep being a whore.  "Pot still isn't legal!!!" That's because you got too damn baked and forgot to vote yes for it you retard.

"Too Long; Didn't Read" version:  Politics is the most useless subject to televise.  I'm just thankful Cartoon Network wasn't affected...


  1. holy crap A! We LOVE it! this is so you it's not even funny.. but it IS hilarious! Followed! Subscribed! & Live Feed to my browser... keep em comin kid!!... you need to make a button so we can link you on our page.. funnyfunny shit. More truth than most people dare to even think... We <3 it!

    ~Jaimie, Melissa, Ryan, & Irish

  2. If i knew how i would make it happen lol