Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This ones for my friends...

I have been asked a lot by my friends to give my views on love.  I have a firm belief that there are some people in this world who are meant to never love.  Honestly, its an emotion i don't believe I have ever fully felt. Its a strange emotion to me.  I believe there are some people in this world that are destined to never have true love and whether or not this is my role, i have accepted it proudly.  OK, now lets get into the meat of this one.

Everyone in this world looks for true love.  Whether it be heterosexual or homosexual, everyone is just looking for love.  The problem is, people are looking for EASY love.  Love that just, "comes naturally and flows easily".  In all seriousness... That's bullshit.  Your never going to find it.  If you have it right now, one of you is cheating on the other.  I'm sorry but that's the way it works.  If your not the one cheating then I'm sorry.  If it makes you feel any better, hes probably thinking of you while hes having sex with her.  Then again, hes probably calling her all kinds of crude demeaning names he wishes he could call you to your face but cant so he takes it out on her...  I digress... Love sucks and is NOT easy.

Now i want you to think about the one you "love".  Do you argue?  Do you get into fights over stupid meaningless bullshit that in all reality mean little to nothing to anyone?  Do you "play wrestle", hit him in the nuts and then say it was an accident (when we ALL know it was no fuckin accident...)?  Do you sometimes wish zombies would take over the world and bite them first JUST so you have a valid reason to shoot them in the face?

Now i want you to keep thinking about the one you "love".  Do you hate the fact that no matter how hard you try you can never stay mad at them?  Are you disgusted with the idea that when they piss you off the most, you know that they are the only person who is able to make you feel better?  Do you hate the fact that no matter how hard you yell and scream and no matter what was said, you want them to hold you and tell you everything is OK?

Do you wake up every day knowing your going to put every once of blood sweat and tears into your relationship?  Do you start stupid arguments just to prove that you care for them no matter what happens?

That's love.  Hating the fact that you love someone and would give your life for them whether they ask it or not.  Love is hating someone so much that you would kill anyone who got in your way of tormenting them.  You have to wake up with the mentality that your going to make your significant other fall in love with you AGAIN each and every single day.  Without THAT much dedication, it will never last.  If you cant look deep within yourself and find the words that i have written then you don't truly love the person you are with.  I challenge you to let your spouse or mate read this and see what they say.  I challenge you to start a serious fight and see how devoted they are to working it out.  I challenge you to prove your "love".  Tomorrow i want you to come back and read this after taking my challenge.  Re-read the whole thing.  Take the challenge again.  Then, two days from now, read it again.  Keep reading this every day of your life if you need motivation to prove that what you have is real.  Show it to the world.  If you honestly own a piece of true love, share it with the world.  Slap your lonely single neighbor in the face with it and fuck on his front porch.  What I'm getting at is, show it off.  What you have is real and unique.  And if your still not sure if what you have is real... If you and your partner don't argue... If you and your partner are just "made for each other"... Snap out of it and come back to reality.  Love is fucking terrible.  Enjoy the hell out of it.

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