Monday, November 1, 2010

Number one. Time to get this thing out of the way...

First off, if you don't like what your reading you can kiss my ass and click the little red X.  This isn't for you to criticize or try to extrapolate some random theories about how emo i am or how much i hate the world.  Actually, this is quite the contrary.  I love the world.  I happen to dislike a lot of the people on it though.  In case your wondering if you fall into that category, let me break it down.  If you breathe in Oxygen, have a pulse, walk on two feet, and consider yourself even REMOTELY human;  Chances are high that i don't like you.  Its nothing personal.  Your just all irritating and stupid and i cant stand being around most of you.  Having said all this, i crave human interaction.  I enjoy being around people who i get to look down upon.  Not because i feel that I'm entitled to, or that i have a right to.  Its just that at the end of the day, your an idiot and i will do everything in my power to prove it to you many, many times.  Now i understand that a lot of people reading this wont quite understand where I'm going with all this and that's OK.  Let this soar far above your heads so that i may laugh at you more.  To everyone who can read these words and see them for what they are, i beg you to come sit with me.  Chat it up.  Have a conversation with me.  Picking the brains of everyone i meet is something i love to do and if you can read through these words and smile through the anger.  If my words make you laugh at the thought that someone out there in this world reads this and gets angry.  If you keep coming back to my page wondering who or what in this world i will love to hate tomorrow.  Congratulations.  You are now a member of the Natural Selection of people who love to hate.  Who laugh at anger.  Who smile at pain.  You are the people in this world that make a difference.  You are the people that i live to interact with.  Everyone in between?  I call those commercials.

I wrote this and decided that if anyone read this they would probably have questions.  Or maybe, if I'm lucky, some hate mail.  Oh how i would love some hate mail...  If you do have anything of the sort, feel free to comment.  I have no problems answering EVERY person who feels the urge to parse through my brain to figure out how it works.  Id love nothing more then to let you into my world.  I will write every day because i feel that talking, even if just to myself, keeps me sane.

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